What tools do I need to lift my ute?

Author: Rod Webster  

VMN: What tools will I need?

Our Hilux Lift Kits come with everything you need to lift your ute - except for the tools of course.

So what gear will you need to install a VMN Body Lift Kit yourself at home? You’ll be surprised at how little tools you really need. Most amatuer DIY fans will have most of these laying around the shed.

Here’s our checklist:


  • A set of sockets

  • Some spanners

  • A screwdriver set

  • A 5mm Allen key

  • A Stanley knife

  • Something to cut sheet metal with (2005-15 models only) This could be tin snips, air hacksaw, dremel, etc.

  • An electric drill and drill bits.

  • A floor jack (a car jack and some blocks of wood will do at a pinch)

  • Some blocks of timber to put between the body and your jack.


Optional extras:


  • A mate to help

  • A carton of beer to reward your mate after the job is done!

That’s it! You’re ready to go!