Toyota Hilux Diff Breather Kits

Diff breathers are a vital acessory to fit to your 4WD to prevent water ingress into diff housings and cause expensive to repairs damage to critical parts. Normally a manufacturer will fit a one way valve on top of the axle that lets air escape as the axle gets hot from operating friction. Sometimes they might run this up behind the rear tail light but this is still not the right place as when you get stuck in water, its usually on the exit with your tail in the water so the breather will still be submerged. What happens is if you go into water after a drtve with hot diffs and axles, the cold water makes the air contract forming a vacuum inside the differential. This vacuum can then suck water inpast the axle seals and all of a sudden you are churning mayonaise in your diff housing. Not long later  your salad dressing becomes seasoned with metal filings... The correct place to terminate diff breathers is on the firewall as high as you can behind the engine. Even better, plumb the breather into the air cleaner like some of our diff breather kits do.If water enters through the snorkel into the air cleaner, you wil have more things to worry about than a bit of water in your diffs! If you run air lockers, then diff breathers are essential to equailse the air pressure on the inside and outside of the diff. If you don't do this, you end up with blowback of oil up the locker air lines.