Toyota Hilux Diesel Fuel Filter

With the rapid growth in the number of diesel vehicles in Australia, there is a trend towards protecting these vehicles against the harsh Australian climate.It is easy to think that fuel contamination is something that happens “in the bush”. 72% of all Diesel Fuel Injection System failures are caused by water and fuel lubricity problems? It is in fact true that you can pick up water contamination from Hobart to Cairns, Sydney to Freemantle and everywhere in between. This can occur from simply filling up fuel at the local service station. It does not matter how much precaution is taken to transport diesel fuel to various depots, water has the ability to enter storage tanks and ultimately your fuel system.

So our pre-filter systems are designed to capture these contaminents before they clog the factory fuel filter which is important to maintain in place so if an engine fails and the manufacturer trys to avoid a warranty cliam (which they normally do), there is no argument about warranty.