What Hilux Tyre and Rim Fits and How

This was originally written way back in 2009 when VMN was launched.and has proven to be the most popular articel on our website. With over 90,000 views, and links from hundreds of web sites, we have retained the content for the Hilux Community.
This was put together as a resource for anyone that is interested in what tyre size fits and what doesnt on the hilux's as well as including other information like wheel width's and offsets as well as suspension heights needed for clearance.
Standard SR and SR5 Hilux 4x4
The Standard Hilux SR came with a 16x6 steel wheel in a +45 offset with a 205R16C tyre (bout 29" diameter)-

The Standard SR5 comes with a 15x7 alloy wheel in a +30 offset with a 255/70x15 tyre (bout 29" diameter)-

Since its release in 2005, there have been a number of iterations to rim and tyre size due to the adoption of ABS and upgrading to larger calipers.

The Standard TRD Hilux come with a 17x7.5 alloy wheel in a +30 offset with a 255/65x17 tyre (bout 30.5" diameter)Standard Suspension and 31/10.5x15 tyres The Hilux is capable of running with enough clearance a 31/10.5x15 tyre on the 15x7 SR5 rims both on SR and SR5. On the SR model the sidewall of the tyre wil be "borderline" sticking out on the edge of the guard.


2" Suspension Lift and 31/10.5x15 tyres Same as above but for those that want/need that little bit of extra clearance.....you'll find also with a 31" tyre that your speedo will actually read almost 100%, as the Toyota Speedo reads quite abit under 100% with standard wheels/tyres.

Standard Suspension and 32/11.5x15 tyres This is one level up from the 31's......you will need to use the SR5's 15x7 alloy or steel rims to fit them. Technically not legal as a 11.5 inch tyre needs a 8 inch wide rim but it does work. The owner of the vehicle below says it just rubs on the mudflaps and there minimal clearance to the UCA (Upper Control Arm)
2" Suspension Lift and 32/11.5x15 tyres This is a more practical approach to running 32/11.5x15 tyres.....utilising a 2" lift and these tyres would be fitted on the SR5 alloy or steel 15x7 wheels. Only rubs slightly on the front mudflaps so you can remove them and you will be fine clearance wise. Ensure you get a decent wheel alignment.
Standard Suspension and 235/85x16 tyres This is the first in the 16" wheel range in this write-up. You can run them on the standard SR 16x6 wheel because they are equivalent in size to 32" diameter and just over 9 inches wide. I have heard they "may" rub on the Upper Control Arm when the wheel is turned so ideally you will want to fit these on a 16x7 wheel with a +20 offset.
2" Suspension Lift and 265/75x16 tyres This tyre is equivalent in size to a 31.8" diameter x 10.3" wide. This is a very popular setup amongst hilux owners and give the best comprimise between everything. You can fit this tyre size on stock suspension but it will only work if you drive on the bitumen and dont use the suspension at all. You can mount this to a 16x7 wheel with either a +30 (standard) offset or a +20 offset. I'd recommend the +20 offset as there are difference between tyre brands and some are wider and some narrower so this will ensure it doesn't rub anywhere.
2" Suspension Lift and 255/85x16 tyres This setup is a great setup but not for everyone. The tyre size is equivalent to a 33.3 x 10.2x16. So a tall and narrow 33'ish tyre. Once you start using these kind of diamter tyres, it starts to affect gearing and low range performance. The benefit of this tyre is that because of the diameter you are gaining under diff clearance and due to the narrow width you will have minimal trimming to do. Use these on a 16x7 wheel with +20 offset or less. I'd recommend if using this tyre size to go more than a 2" lift, csomewhere around 2.5 - 2.75" lift max. Front mud flaps will need to be removed and depending how much you will be stuffing the tyre inside the guard maybe some plastic too.
3" Suspension Lift and 285/75x16 tyres This setup is where you start pushing the envelope abit and get into the area of needing to trim inner guards and other mods to make the tyres fit. Equivalent to 32.8x11.3x16 you will need to run these tyres on a +10 or zero offset 16x8 wheel depending on availability to keep the inner sidewall of the tyre off the UCA. The other thing you will need to do is to trim the rear of the inner guard liner a little, the rear lower corner of the flares and modify the front bumper of the ARB bar under wing splashguards to ensure you have clearance when the tyre is stuffed inside the guard. I'd recommend a narrow 285 tyre like the MTZ's which are only 11.3 inches wide, which will be the easiest to fit. NOTE: it is important that you get a decent wheel alignment done and request to the technician that he put in as much castor as possible within factory specifications to move the front axle that little bit more forward which may just be enough to keep the tyre of that mount at the rear of the front guard. Below are some pics of one owners mods to the underwing splashguards of the ARB bar to aid in clearance
Note: this pic was taken with the front sitting at 2.75" lift. The owner later put a spacer in to gain a full 3" lift. 3" Suspension Lift and 305/70x16 tyres This is pretty much the same as before, you are pushing the boundries of what will fit inside the guards. Equivalent to 32.8 inch diameter by 12 inches wide x 16 inch rim. I myself run a 285/75x16 Silverstone MT117 Sport tyres which are a full 12 inches wide. You need to run them on a 16x8 wheel as before with atleast a zero offset. Here is a picture of the modification I did to my inner guard
A is the pinchweld....I tapped that back about halfway just to get the sharp edghe out of the way as under full compression there was a chance of it hitting the tyre. Before tapping that back, I got a box cutter and sliced the inner guard liner the length of the line at A on the outer side of the pinchweld and mounted it fuirther back with a self taper going through the pinchweld on the inner side before tapping it back. B is the inner side of the flare that I trimmed as much as I "reasonably" could to help clear the tyre under compression. C is where I used Black Toyota Threebond Sealant to help seal the gaps that were there to stop crap building up in there. D is the bottom corner at the rear of the guard where I put 2 or 3 slices into the actual quarter panel and folded it up and inwards towards the rear giving more clearance and a smooth edge. Also cut a little piece off the bottom corner of the flare at an angle. Next pic is what I did with the splash guards below the ARB bar....
I took them off and bent it up almost 2 inches shorter and then pinned the inner guard liner to it....wasnt easy to attach the guard liner to it as it was a bit further forward than the guard liner curves to. On the other side, passenger side, I dont have a pic of it here but I did the same thing but had 2 split the bent up bit in two because of the washer jet bottles location, so the inner half I bent up not as much as the oputer half. Hope that makes sense. I will be relocating the washer bottle at some stage. The tyres dont hit the body mount, but saying that yesterday I did clip it off road when landing hard after launching out of a deep rut with a tree root running across the top of it. 
If using a 16x8 wheel with less than a zero offset, like a -12 offset (like the vehicle picture below) you will no doubt have to trim the bodymount. If you are in South East Queensland, I can recommend Buds Customs to complete this mod for you as they do a much better jobn than what is shown here.
2" Bodylift, 3" Suspension Lift and 305/70x17 tyres This is taking it to the next level. 5 inches of lift all up not including the tyres. Tyres are equivalent to a 32.8x12x17. You will get away with fitting these on a 17x8 wheel with zero offset. The on picture below is on a 17x9 wheel with a -12 offset.
Note: Flares will be a must and maybe some extra. Other Fringe wheel/tyre/suspension setups Front 2" Suspension Lift and Standard Leaves in the Rear and 32.2" Simex Centipedes This setup belongs on a friend of mines Hilux SR.......he is running 31/10.5x15 Simex Centipedes which have a actual size of 32.2 inches diameter and 10.5 inches wide on the 15x7 Steel SR5 wheels.

Going to the Max in 2017.

With the Hilux 150 at end of life and being replaced in 2015, the options have expanded with the advent of common place use of Diff Drop kits and Upper control Arms. These make a perfect companion to the VMN body lift and Suspension Lift Kits, these will be discussed in other articles. Our goal is to make it easier for you by bundling the best of breed components that will ensure you get the most benefit from fitting a body lift. If you put it all together,