Body Lift Fitting Instructions Summary

Fitting the VMN body lift kit is straightforward enough but it does take a bit of time. Maybe 3-5 hours. You just need to follow the comprehensive instructions that are included with every kit. They’ve been fine tuned by user feedback since 2009 and includes heaps of photos and handy tips so you can’t go wrong.

If you can change a flat tyre, you can fit a body lift. Believe it or not, there is only about 12 bolts that need to be removed and replaced when lifting the cabin on a Hilux That's double what you have to deal with when changing a spare tyre so it takes a bit longer. Some of those bolts are also a bit harder to get to than wheel a nut so that also adds to the time it takes.

It's handy to have a mate to help you as some of the bolts are hard to reach on your own but it can be done. You do not need a hoist and many workshops with one still choose to fit a body lift off the hoist and rely on floor jacks.

Stylesides, extra cabs and single cabs can all be lifted with a VMN body lift.

Here is a summary of what you need to do.

  1. Park and secure the vehicle
  2. Secure the steering wheel to prevent an expensive mistake
    Gain access to the 4 body mounting bolts inside the cabin. This requires removing some of the trims so you can lift the floor coverings up in each corner. This can be done in about 3 minutes.
  3. On The Vigo/N70 (2005-15) model, remove the top of the console which pops off easily if you follow the instructions. This makes sure none of the gear levers are affected.
  4. Note the Auto transmission lever is unaffected as its cable driven and is long enough to accommodate the lift.
  5. Remove the nuts from the 4 bolts inside the cabin but leave them in place.
  6. Remove the nuts the two remaining bolts securing the cabin to the chassis near the radiator.
  7. Remove the grille and the factory bumper bar
  8. Remove the 4 bolts securing the radiator
  9. Remove the 2 bolts securing the yoke on the steering shaft  that joins the upper and lower shafts together.
  10. Remove the 2 bolts securing the Front mount intercooler on Revo 2015-17+ models (oops, that makes 14 bolts on that model!)
  11. Attach the radiator drop brackets before lifting the vehicle
  12. Remove the 3 body mounting bolts on one side of the vehicle
  13. Place a 100 x 100mm board (eg a timber fence post from Bunnings) under a door sill on one side of the vehicle and place a jack under it. (a floor jack is best)
  14. Carefully jack the body up, checking it is balanced. Relocate the jack if necessary to gain a balanced lift.
  15. Carefully jack the vehicle up and check for snag points. When clearance is obtained to slide a body block in between the chassis and the body, drop the supplied longer bolts into place on that side in accordance with the instructions.
  16. Lower the jack carefully.
  17. Repeat items 12-16 on the other side of the vehicle
  18. While the drivers side is lifted, insert the steering extension.
  19. Check for clearance around the transfer case lever on the Vigo/N70 (20050-15) model and trim the floor pan as required..
  20. Fit nuts to body mount bolts, tighten everything up and replace everything removed to gain access to the 12 bolts.
  21. Fit the air inlet extension and radiator overflow bottle relocation kit if required. 
    If you have a styleside model, now it's time to lift the tub!
  22. Undo the 6 mounting bolts and the bolt securing the fuel filler bracket.
  23. Loosen the fuel filler hose.
  24. While your mate lifts one side of the tub, slip the spacers into place and bolt down.
  25. Fit the fuel filler extension bracket and extended fuel filler hose.
  26. Fit the tub override blocks. 
  27. Test drive to ensure brakes and steering are unaffected.
  28. Shout your mate a beer as you are done!
  29. Sign the supplied certificate as installer. 
  30. Arrange an engineering inspection and provide the engineer with the certificate.

Of course, there is a lot more detail in the 20 pages of instructions provided but there's only 12 bolts. Don’t be tempted to save money by purchasing an inferior kit or making some parts yourself. Without our instructions, we are aware of many people who have made costly mistakes over the years. 

Do it once, do it right, insist on VMN!