Toyota Hilux Diff Gears

VMN is an authorised distributor of Nitro Diff Gears. Why would you want to fit diff gears? As we add larger tyres, the final drive ratios change significantly robbing the vehicle of torque. Diesel engines are designed to work at peak efficiency in a specific torque band.  So when larger tyres go on, not only do you end up with a sluggish vehicle ,there is more pressure on the drive train components. You loose fuel efficiency by operating away from optimum torque settings and there is more strain on axles and diff gears which are then likely to fail. And you loose engine braking when driving downhill offroad.Its pretty easy to work out the theoretical engine RPM at 100km per hour if you first calculate or measure the tyre circumference, then the number of revolutions per minute at  100 km/hr. Once you get that number you can work back through the manufacturer's final drive ratios for diff, transfer case and gear box to derive engine RPM. Here at VMN we have done that for you in this article

Don't forget to factor in the cost of purchasing Diff locks becasue it will cost you no more to fit them while fitting diff gears.