Lifting the Toyota Hilux 2005-2017 and on

Author: Rod Webster  

A quick crash course on lifting the Toyota Hilux 2005-2017+. This article outlines several groups of Hilux drivers and what is the perfect lift kit for their needs

Since founding VMN in 2009, I’ve seen hundreds of Hilux suspension setups and tried a few myself. The limitations of the vehicle are now well understood  but has been muddied by a few changes to the standard OEM rim and tyre combinations through the vehicle lifecycle. Netherless, the basics of suspension and tyre choice have remained unchanged and those who want to push the limits quickly find that they are limited by:

  • Clearance at the body mount behind the front wheel arch

  • Clearance on the inside at the tyre between it and the upper control arm

  • Crappy handling due to lack of down travel and wheel alignment issues after anything more than a mild lift.

  • Excessive CV angles, that lead to binding CVs, split CV boots, grease flicked everywhere, and increased risk of breakages.

  • Legislative restrictions.


When it comes to suspension lifts, Toyota Hilux drivers fall into four groups

  1. Those who are quite happy with the factory suspension height

  2. Happy at the standard height but need to change the front suspension to account for added weight from accessories such as a bullbar, winch or dual battery

  3. Price conscious drivers who want a conservative lift for some increased clearance (30-50mm of lift) for better on and off road handling and additional off road ground clearance

  4. Looking for a better quality 50mm (2") suspension lift with adjustable coilover struts for improved handling and the ability to trim the ride height to suit their taste

  5. Those go all out and want install the biggest lift they can get away with and add the tyres to go with it. (75mm-150mm of lift)


If you fall into the first group above, there are no products at VMN for you. By all means stick around and absorb some of the tech info we’ve published over the years but buy your stuff elsewhere. (unless of course we convert you to a higher calling!)

We manufacture body lifts and body lifts are installed by the fourth group in the list. However, they are rarely fitted in isolation and most people are also fitting suspension lifts and tyres to go with. Some stuff you need is hard to find, but it is all here on this site.

On this site, we’ve pulled together all of the stuff you will need to build that monster Hilux from the best brands in the business. We want to showcase it all under the one roof.

If you fit a body lift, you will need body lifted bullbars and sliders as your sills and bumper will be 50mm higher.

Once you have made some room with a body lift, then you will be keen to fit larger tyres and that means you will be giving serious consideration to diff drop kits and upper control arms as well as coilover suspension and the like. If you fit a diff drop kit, you’ll then need a custom bash plate to protect it. FInally, you need to select the suspension to complement your choice of tyres and rims.

Many products in this category are inferior quality sold by people that simply don’t care if you break a strut or CV or if there is so much suspension down travel, your steering rack is damaged. You will not find those products here.

So think of VMN as representing a network of quality brands that get your truck as far off the ground as humanly possible. Each product is included for a reason, part of a plan that will help you achieve your lofty goals. Choosing carefully from the products on this site will let you to confidently achieve the vision you have. Choosing products from our catalog will ensure you not only get a great lift but you will end up with truly long travel suspension. You won’t be exposed to reliability issues due to over travel or end up with spinal injuries from the harsh ride that comes from over extended shocks with limited down travel.

We want to help you build a Hilux that stands out from the crowd, looks different, rides like a dream on the road and is a capable offroad weapon.

So enjoy what we’ve put together, come back from time to time to see what’s changed and feel free to ask questions. We are here to help.

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Comments (9)

Lifting toyota hillux revo 2018

By: on 9 September 2018
I want to make my hillux revo higher, but i dont know what spare i need to change.

VMN Hilux Marketplace Response
<p>The best way to learn about lifting your Hilux is to complete our <a href="http://">Lift Assessment Survey</a> Once we process your results, you will receive a lot of usefuil information.</p>

Lift 4x2

By: on 27 August 2018
How much would it cost to raise my Toyota Hilux 4x2 dual cab SR I want at least 40 - 120mm if possible. I’ve heard bigger tyres raise it but don’t know what options I have and how much it all cost?

VMN Hilux Marketplace Response
I'm sorry, We only work with the 4WD versions and our suppliers don't list a lift kit for the 2WD.

2013 lux sr5

By: on 20 July 2018
Just wondering if I put 1-2 inch strut risers on will it snap the struts?.I don’t do to much heavy 4x4 just beaches some mud nothing to crazy. Thanks

VMN Hilux Marketplace Response
You can uses strut spacers but if you don't also add bump stop spacers, you will most likely bend or break the strut as the shock can top out on up travel and something has to give. There are some examples of broken struts on our facebook page.

For a comfort ride

By: on 25 June 2018
Which is better and lessen more the bumpy ride For 2" lift in the rear. Should i change longer shackle or put a lift block ? Thank you

VMN Hilux Marketplace Response
Personally I would go with shackles as the lesser of 2 evils. Adding lift blocks has been known to cause axle wrap becasue of the additional leverage applied on the spring. But then again shackles are approx half the cost of a set of raised springs so saving for a bit longer or using ZipMoney on the VMN web site would let you do the job properly without wasting your cash the first time round.

Shock sizes

By: on 27 May 2018
Hi , What is the largest shock size for rear of N70 Hilux 2012 I can fit ? I've seen 6" Amanda shocks but not much else .

VMN Hilux Marketplace Response
Start by popping off a rear shock and then jack up on the chassis rail and measure pin to pin on full droop and let us know by the Contact Us page and we can advise for your specific application. Normally I would expect this measurement to be 580mm and the normal 600mm shock is a good match. We have shock lengths that are 600mm, 620mm, 640mm, 656 and about 680mm before we have to dig into some catalogs. It's not a good idea to go too long as you could top the shock out on full compression and break something.

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