Announcing the 4th iteration of the VMN web site.

Author: Rod Webster   Date Posted:5 June 2016 

What's been happening at VMN during 2016.

The last 12 months have been a hectic time here at VMN. Sales growth has continued. The year is not quite over but we are already up 30% on last year. We've released a number of new additions to our line of body lift kits for the Toyota Hilux. Enhancements to existing kits include a fuel filler bracket that now ships with every styleside body lift kit as well as the Intercooler spacer which is now available as an addition to our kits for the diesel engined Toyota Hilux from 2005-2015 with the top mount intercooler.  This has been very popular and almost everybody purchasing a body lift kit have opted to also purchase this item. I am very thankful that after years trying to come up with a solution for this that the guys at Buds Customs came up with a fantastic stainless steel laser cut design that ticks all of the boxes.

In addition to that we've also released a body lift kit for the Toyota Hilux N80 (2015-2016 and on). I'd like to acknowledge great input from Tony at Buds Customs who fitted one of our kits to an N80 and helped me document the many changes that are required to get a body lift kit fitted to the Toyota Hilux N80.

This exposed some issues with the VMN web site becasue it had been customised purely to display one model of Toyota Hilux and now we have two to support. Anyway, Murphy's law took over and a few days ago, the web site became compromised which resulted in a couple of hours of frantic activity cleaning up the malware. Seeing our Googel listing posted up in Chinese was not a lot of fun. Fortunately, we had already made a far bit of progress migrating to a new cloud based platform to host our web site on. This is quite a step for us after hosting our own VPS web server for the alst 6 years but it is consistent with where the world is heading. Next time I get a denial of service attack or end up with some malware, it will be someone else's problem. The last two days have been particularly frantic getting everything ported accross to the new platform and freigght calculators working. So now we are set and just have to finalise the look and feel of our website and we are in business.

This will be the 4th iteration of our website since we launched our first ecommerce site running oscommerce back in 2009. We migrated to a Joomla 1.5/Virtuemart platform in 2011 and had to totally rewrite the site onto a new Joomla 3.5 environment in 2014 as there was no clean upgrade path. So now in 2016, we are moving to the Brisbane based Neto platform becasue I believe that you would have to be an idiot if you want to run an ecommerce sitein Australia on some other platform. Neto is cloud based and has recently received a significant equity injection from Telstra.

We've also made a decision to add some additional third party products to our new website that complement the body lift kits we manufacture. We have been very selective about this and are only adding products that you might consider buying if you have a VMN body lift fitted to your truck. For starters, we have added a fantastic range of body lift compatible bulbars and sliders from Buds Customs together with some suspension products that will allow you to get the biggest tyres imaginable under your body lifted guards! To finish off your Truck build, we have added some diff drop kits and upper control arms. We will never be a general 4WD equipment reseller but in future if youi want to see proven high lift solutions for the Toyota Hilux built after 2005, look no further than the New look VMN store. (Standard 2" lifts need not apply for entry).

Over time, I will add some more information articles that outline a couple of simple suspension/tyre combinations for both the N80 and N70 Hilux based on the building blocks we hope to be able to offer for sale on the site.

Well that's it for now, keep coming back to see what has changed....

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