Toyota Hilux Dual Battery trays

I don't know about you but here at VMN, we like our beer and other drinks cold and you can't have cold drinks in the bush for more than a couple of days without a fridge and an auxillary (dual) battery. The Hilux is one of the few remaining offroad vehicles that has room for a full sized N70Z battery under the bonnet and of course you need a quality dual battery tray to mount it to. We have a detailed buying guide to help guide your purchasing decision but you don't need to go overboard with fancy electronics,.just a good old simple battery isolator and wiring kit and a flooded wet cell battery in a quality dual battery tray. VMN can also supply a complete range of electrical equipment to complete your installation so just call us and we'll be able to supply everything you need and even arrange installation for you. at our Acacia Ridge facility...We can't ship batteries due to dangerous goods regulations, but we can supply them if you can pick up.