Toyota Hilux Fuel Tanks

The long range fuel tanks we sell here at VMN have stood the test of time in arduous conditions in the real outback on our own Hilux.. Packed with over 150 litres of fuel, you can skip fuel in expensive outback locations and tackle some of the longer drives. Whilst normally you can expect to get 800-1000km out of a tank or even more, there are times that the harsh driving conditions will see your Hilux drink fueal like it was evaporating in a dish on a hot day. ONe classic exmple was when the VMN rig left Birdsville ion the edge of the Simpson Desert headed for Innamincka, just 400 km away via the Cordillo Downs road that skirts Sturts Stony Desert. Despite the first 200 km being at the speed limit, this wa san 8 hour trip and saw us dipping into the extra fuel in the lng range tank on arrival  at Innamincka.which was the closet fuel stop to Birdsville. If you have a petrol vehicle, we would strongly recommend fitting one of these long range tanks as we have seen vehicles stranded at Cameron Corner when the store ran out of petrol but still had plenty of diesel on hand.